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Educational material

We had the mind-expanding experience of working with Simova, a Distance Learning institution based in Bangalore. Simova's focus is on collateral educational programmes based on the Liberal Arts.

We created the concepts and curriculum for a course in Futuristics, an emerging discipline that studies the future in a systematic, scientific way to provide a framework for planning and decision making—at the personal, professional and organisational level. We created and developed the course architecture, undertook wide-ranging research and wrote all the course material. The end result was five slim volumes of original course material, preceded by a booklet on Distance Learning…and how to be an effective Distance Learner

A student first receives Learning to Learn, which serves as an orientation course. It explains the theory and practice behind enlightened distance learning…and shows what it takes to be a successful learner in today's world.

A Course Overview
Collaborative Learning Overview
Distance Education philosophy
What Distance Education is not
Planning your work and setting your goals
Learning to Learn
Study Material 1 provides a basic overview of the discipline of Futuristics; covering its definition, evolution, relevance, concepts, and well known futurists and futurist organisations.

Objectives and benefits
Developing your personal futurist tool kit
Futuristics-A field in search of a name
Futuristics—Study Material 2
Study Material 2 looks at the bigger picture: concepts, methodologies and different types of Futurist thinking.

Self-asessment aids and activities
Creative anticipation
Three Futurists
Futuristics—Study Material 2
Study Material 3 studies the future—through timelines that explore the past-present-future continuum.

How do we study the past?
Political evolution
Evolution of society and civilizations
Futuristics—Study Material 3
Study Material 4 is a rapid journey through some very important ideas and issues of the 21st century, to prepare learners to create future scenarios. It is intended to help learners get the 'bigger picture', recognise the power of change and interconnections and understand the concept of multiple futures.

Economic Issues
Globalisation and agriculture
The flip side of resistance movements
Futuristics—Study Material 4
The final instalment is intended to help learners build scenarios of the world and society we live in: to look into their future or, more correctly, futures.

Spirituality in the workplace
Expert Systems
Web Page of an Imaginary Company
The Age of the Aged
Futuristics—Study Material 5