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Where personalised attention meets professional excellence: Resource

Resource is a communication studio based in Bangalore.

We offer the personalised attention and involvement of a small team with the professional excellence of a large organisation.

We've been in business for 30 years. Our approach is holistic and our aim is to provide total solutions. We have a work ethic of which we're very proud and a reputation we've worked hard to earn.

We're low profile and reluctant to pitch and volley. Yet, contrary to all logic, we continue to do rather well in an extremely competitive world. Here's why:

  • Our work is of a very high standard, in both concept and execution.
  • We are selective: we never take on more than we can handle.
  • We accept only those assignments that we enjoy doing—which lets us get intellectually and emotionally involved in our work.
  • Finally, our pricing makes it possible for us to give more time to fewer assignments—and do it to everyone's satisfaction. Especially our own.

Simova Education and Research

Simova Education and Research Pvt. Ltd, our sister-concern, is an innovative Distance Education institution in the area of higher education. Simova's programmes are created anticipating the changing educational needs of our society in the coming years. Simova's pilot programme, Futuristics, has met with an appreciative response from students and academics.

Resource has conceptualised, researched, written and designed original course material, in the form of printed books, for Futuristics. We have also designed, created and hosted a virtual campus on which Simova learners interact. Visit to know more.