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Bangalore Book
The subtle art of designing excellent Books

Over the last 27 years, we have designed a total of 21 books, on subjects ranging from Bangalore to Butterflies to Golf!

As we’ve mentioned in the Writing link in this website, we have played different roles in different book projects.  We function primarily as editors and designers.  But depending on the needs of individual projects, we have worn a range of different hats: 

  • We  have conceptualised the very brief and framework of the book.
  • We have created special maps, timelines and graphics.
  • We have sourced photographs; commissioned paintings and illustrations.
  • We have written introductions and endnotes; detailed photo captions; and supplementary text of many kinds.

In all cases, we have brought in experience, objectivity and design/editorial excellence.

In our development and growth as book designers, we have benefited from our related experience in graphic design: we have designed and produced a range of calendars, promotional literature and high-value catalogues.

Our CEO, H. Jayadeva, has widened his exposure to the publishing industry with three visits to the Frankfurt Book Fair (the world's biggest and most important), and one visit to the London Book Fair.