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Focus on the serious business of Writing

Samples of our writing

Articles / one-off pieces

We have researched and written articles that appeared in newsletters, newspapers and the Internet. Subjects covered include the culinary preferences of Diwans, the future of the Internet and the right-to-life of street dogs. We have even written in verse!

To begin with, some short pieces we have written for a newsletter:

Is urbanisation destroying our cities? Many fear that as cities grow more urbanised and dense, the infrastructure demands and social changes arising as a natural corollary will lead them to decline and, maybe, self-destruct. Full text....

Brigade Insight

The real greatness of a city is measured not only by its monuments, institutions and infrastructure, but also by the greatness of the people who have been nurtured on its soil, and who, in turn, have contributed to its growth and identity. Full text...

Brigade Insight
This is a place where the films of Ray and Resnais are casually discussed. Where experimental theatre is an ongoing exercise. Where some of the most sparkling intellects of the country come to listen and be heard. It is a cultural mecca. And it is located not in a fashionable corner of Europe or mid-Manhattan, but in a small village in rural Karnataka… Full text... Brigade Insight
A timeless problem, getting worse
Complaints about traffic and traffic jams are not limited to our times. Rome in the first
century B.C. is described* as a modern cosmopolitan city: "There were shopping malls and bars and a lively cultural scene with theatre and sport... Full text...
Brigade Insight
In this globalised world, where events of international significance are constantly at the doorstep of our consciousness, is it somewhat regressive to celebrate that which seems to have become a local ritual-inconsequential, a waste of time; a consumption of manpower and money that could be spent on more 'tangible investments'? Full text... Brigade Insight

A poem we wrote, that appeared in a school diary we designed:

There are so many things my school has
taught me:
The sequence of history and world geography;
The meaning of great poems; the logic in maths;
The ways of atoms that travel circuitous paths. Full poem.
Brigade School Diary

An article on the controversial subject of street dogs in Bangalore:

A year and some months ago, Bangalore was in the eye of a storm. Sadly, signs indicate that the weather may be turning tempestuous once again. The contentious subject of the rights of a street dog to live versus a street dog-free city seems to be resurfacing. Full text. martin