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Our process

Typically, this is how we go about a writing assignment:

  • Brief
    You need to give us a complete brief: on the subject, purpose and length of the written piece; medium in which it will appear; depth of background research and a particular point of view that may need to be emphasised.

  • Writing
    Resource can do the writing in-house or identify a writer best suited for the job. Drafts of the piece will be shown to you at different stages. This can be done through email or in person, if need be.

  • Research
    We research through books, magazines and the Internet. Great care is taken to check the authenticity/reliability of sources and source material.

  • Photography/Illustrations
    If the services of a photographer or illustrator are required, we can identify, commission and brief the required person. We can also source stock transparencies and arrange for their use in your piece.

  • Graphics/Tables/Maps
    Our graphic designers can design and execute graphics, tables, maps...and any other visual/visual effect you choose.

  • Article layout and design
    If you'd like, we can design the pages, including typography, layout and colour scheme.

  • Editing
    We ensure zero-defect, sub-editing and proof-reading to international norms and standards.

  • Digital artwork
    We can even prepare a digital artwork that can be sent to the publication.