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The subtle art of designing excellent Books

Design and layout

Stage 1: Finalisation of the format and size
Existing books and their costs are used as terms of reference. Decisions have to be taken as to whether the format should be rectangular or square, vertical or horizontal. Number of pages has to be estimated. What kind of paper will be used? Will the book be in hardcover or soft, or a combination of both for different print runs?

Stage 2: Actual implementation
This involves design of pages, including typography, layout, colour scheme and a design theme in general. Next comes final editing, sub-editing and formatting of the text. A continuous review of text, pictures, illustrations and graphics goes on alongside.

Stage 3: Final mock-up
A composite mock-up containing all text and photographs is created and submitted for approval. The mock-up is reviewed and a revised mock-up made, incorporating all the changes that have been agreed upon.

Stage 4: Electronic artwork

After final sub-editing and proof-reading, an electronic artwork is made and sent to the printer.