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The subtle art of designing excellent Books

Conceptualising the book

Each book is unique, each work process is different. But here's the way a book typically takes shape at Resource:

It all begins with a brief, which evolves and achieves clarity over time and discussion. The brief has to be understood and agreed upon by the author, editor, photographer (if the book involves photography), the design team and the publisher. While the brief may be an evolving one, it should clearly address the question: what is the vision and purpose of the book. A descriptive working title of the book usually helps immensely.

The essential mechanics
Issues of financing, pricing and distribution need to be discussed and decided upon. The first steps towards identifying a suitable publisher and printer have to be taken. A detailed review of the contents of the book will put the work that lies ahead, and the budget and schedules, into perspective. A rough cost estimate of printing for various print runs of the book and for photography and design, editing and production management should be arrived at as soon as possible. A final estimate is possible only when details of the book's contents, size, specifications and print run are definite.