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The subtle art of designing excellent Books

Publishing consultancy

If you would like to bring out a book, Resource can offer you consultancy on all or specific areas involved in its publication:

Design, sub-editing and production
Identifying the optimal specifications for paper and printing.

  • Design of the book including format and size, page layout, typography and colour scheme.
  • Jacket design.
  • Overall design flow including first title page, main title page, publishing info, index and so on.
  • Picture selection and composition.
  • Zero-defect sub-editing and proof-reading to international norms.
  • Preparation of the digital artwork to ensure the best and most efficient work from the process house and the printer.

General consultancy

  • Scope and contents of the book.
  • Production plan.
  • Selection of printer and best costing.
  • Pricing - for the members and the general market.
  • Selection of publisher and/or distributor.