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The subtle art of designing excellent Books

Research, compilation and writing

If the book has to be written, Resource can do the writing in-house or identify a writer who will best embody the spirit and style of the book. If suitable material already exists, it has to be reviewed with the writer and final selections made. The team has to decide whether new material has to be written and/or fresh research undertaken. The book may require the addition of essays or introductions. In all cases, suitable authors/researchers have to be identified, briefed and commissioned.

Photography / Illustrations / Paintings
Depending on the nature of the book, the services of photographers or illustrators may be needed. Suitable people have to be identified, commissioned and briefed. If the book is photographic in nature, new photographs may have to be taken to do justice to the theme of the book.

Cartography / Diagrams
Maps, diagrams and graphical representations breathe life into a book and help simplify concepts and ideas. A great deal of research and understanding goes into every visual. Minimalism and elegance are to be lauded.

Picture Editing
Thoughtful picture editing is essential. When conceptualising the book, a full list of "picture possibilities" has to be compiled. This list has to be reviewed at several stages in the development of the book, keeping in mind that change is a positive part of the evolutionary process.

The editor has to work closely with the author to ensure that the integrity and theme of the book is maintained. If the book involves photographs, the editor has to continuously review new pictures and make selections. The book has to "hold together" logically and aesthetically. It helps to open some reviews to outsiders, both professionals and laymen, since objective, fresh opinions are often invaluable.