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Come to us if…

It's simple enough to describe the kind of work we do or the sort of team we are.

Less easy to describe—and absolutely central to any relationship with us—is the way we choose to practice our profession. This is the essence of what makes us tick, what turns us on, what motivates and brings out the best in us. It defines our business philosophy. It is our brand identity, in the widest, deepest sense of the term.

Inspiration is a two-way street

In the past, the "service provider" was supposed to please and inspire the client, in order that the client could achieve his or her best.

We believe it works both ways.

Once you have worked with us, you will understand the depth of thinking, energy and involvement we put into any assignment we do. But our kind of output comes only with high level inputs.

Which is why we say, come to us only if:

  • …you believe the old fashioned client-vendor relationship is passé.
    We work only as partners-in-a-cause: the cause being quality, excellence and the achievement of your communication objectives.
  • …you are willing to invest faith and trust in us.
    We work with our clients, towards a mutually-defined common goal. We ensure monetary resources are not wasted; we take responsibility for quality and deadlines; we offer solutions, not excuses. In turn, we expect to be treated as trusted associates.
  • …you want to be proactively involved in the process of identifying your communication objectives and creating a brief.
    Your inputs and willingness to be engaged in dialogue are vital parts of our process.
  • …you are not price sensitive.
    Our rates are based on the depth and quality of experience, expertise and effort that we put into any assignment we undertake. Our fees are well earned and non-negotiable.

The kind of clients we avoid

To summarise, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, we do not want to work with clients who are shopping around, looking to bargain. The lowest-tender-mentality (collecting competitive quotations, bargaining, negotiating, and whittling down costs, thousand by delicious thousand) doesn't have a place in our scheme of things. This belongs to another era and another economy. And to regress to it is a waste of our time and an insult to our professionalism.

Time, energy, focus and intellectual and emotional involvement are the issues you should be concerned about. They are the strong currency. And they come at a higher exchange rate.

Getting off to an efficient start

If you subscribe to our philosophy, we would be delighted to take a possible professional association to the next logical step.

Carrying the analogy further, we would like to make sure that the next step is efficiently taken…so it becomes a giant leap forward.

And we would like to do it without leaving a big carbon footprint in our wake.

We are ever grateful that we belong to the era of emails, which makes such ambition possible. Emails empower clarity of thought and informed response. They enable speedy follow up. And, by reducing the need for face-to-face meetings and the commuting involved, they save both time and energy.

We generally begin the process of getting to understand your needs through introductions and initial overviews through email:

  • Introductory email correspondence lets us broadly understand your needs, budget and time frames.
  • We get back to you—also by email—with clarifications we may require or further questions we may have. (We would also be happy to answer any questions you may want to raise.)
  • This stage culminates in our giving you a rough cost estimate and indication of timelines.
  • Once we receive your broad approval, we can take the matter further through more detailed correspondence and meetings.

If you share our outlook, we could be well on the brink of a professionally satisfying and mutually-beneficial relationship. We look forward to hearing from you!