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Helping you establish your presence on the Web

Our services

We offer a range of web services that will holistically address your objectives and needs.

Between our in-house team, associates and partners, we have the experience and expertise to conceptualise, create and maintain your website. So you have a website that serves as your brand ambassador, advertising medium and information / marketing / CRM / international office.

Our services include:

Envisioning your website

  • Recommendation of scope and personality.
  • Identifying and studying benchmark websites across domains (measured on design, download time, information architecture, navigation design and user friendliness).
  • Analysis of visitors' technical profile, which covers type of web browsers and versions, operating systems, screen colours, screen resolutions, flash versions and Java Script support.
  • Assessment of features to be included—in terms of design, technology
    and navigation, programming / scripting language (i.e. HTML, XHTML, XML, ASP and PHP) for future-foolproof updations and changes.
  • Interactiveness / business transaction possibilities (i.e., payment gateway for online booking, customer support on the web etc.).
  • Hosting recommendations (dedicated server, co-location server, backup server, shared hosting).

Information architecture and navigation

  • Study of information accessibility and visitors' behavior.
  • Study and planning of information architecture, navigation, different viewing environment and styles:
    • The type of environment preferred by visitors, i.e., big fonts, silent, soft, Mac, appealing icons, vertical tabs and handwriting.
    • Link structure ideas (vertical, horizontal, drop-down, etc.).
    • Choice of words / phrases for Search Word Optimisation (a short but clear description for the link).
  • In-page navigation planning, with choice of words / phrases and link structure.

Master design templates

  • Home page master design layout, typography and colour schemes.
  • Layout, typography and colour schemes of typical pages.


  • Text writing, editing and proof-checking.

Special design features and components

  • Interactive brochures with animation / transitions (user can navigate to any pages from current page, zoom in / out, links to various page etc.).
  • Integrated walk-throughs, videos, Google Earth, forms (CRM, Chat facility as option), and e-brochures, if required.
  • 360-degree view integration, if available.
  • RSS / XML feeds interface designing and integrating.


  • Across major browsers
    • Internet Explorer 6 and above
    • FireFox 2 and above
    • Opera 9 and above
  • Across operating systems and platforms
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • OS X (Macintosh)
    • Linux
  • Online and offline testing

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Extensive competition analysis of SEO.
  • Technical analysis of the factors that could hinder the search friendliness of the site.
  • Keyword research and recommendations (based on the website's content, competitor sites, past campaign stats, analytics and independent keyword research)

Releasing to public

General project management, processes and systems