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e-Commerce is technically defined as an online transaction where an order is placed for a product or service, and payment made—all online.

e-Business connotes a broader scope than that of e-Commerce. All transactions, including e-Commerce transactions, take place online. For example, attending to enquiries, order processing, reconciliations, instructions, reports—all happen online.

We have the expertise to advise you on e-Business / e-Commerce, by addressing these questions for you:

  • What role will e-Business / e-Commerce play in my over-all communication programme?
  • Is it important that an organisation adopts e-Business / e-Commerce methodology?
  • Will it transform our business?
  • What kind of re-engineering should my organisation undergo to become an e-Business / e-Commerce organisation?
  • How does it dovetail into my overall business strategy?
  • What kind of budgets are we talking about?

Resource will answer these and other questions and offer comprehensive e-Consultancy, including study of your business from the net perspective.