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Selecting an advertising agency

We can help you select—and get the best from—your advertising agency.

Advertising is a serious business which necessarily involves realistic expectations, well thought out inputs and deadline-based deliverables.

With so many advertising agencies in the marketplace, how do you decide which one is right for your needs? What are the terms and conditions you should expect? What kind of budget is really required to meet your objectives? How do you get the best out of your agency? (After all, an agency has many clients. The priority you command may increase in direct proportion to your proactive participation, professionalism and people skills.) What constitutes a good, result-getting brief? And, come to think of it, how do you judge whether the results you get are good…or should be better?

As experienced communication consultants with over two decades of experience in the field, we can help you answer these, and many other, questions. Every step of the way.